The Spirit of Innovation

The goal was set high: develop a radically new technology
for oral fluid drug testing that is easier, faster, more sensitive,
more accurate and more cost effective than anything before it.


To this end, Biophor Diagnostics has developed RapidFRET® –
a rapid, homogeneous, oral fluid drugs of abuse immunoassay system
that meets proposed SAMHSA guidelines for seven drugs. Other benefits include:

Sample results in less than 10 minutes
Easy-to-use homogeneous assay format
Ready-to-use stable reagents
Specificity to parent drug compounds

The company’s assay technology combines Biostride’s world-class drugs of abuse detection components, Lumiphore’s unrivaled proprietary fluorescent lanthanide technology and Biophor’s expertise in developing high performance assay products.

The end result is a homogeneous, automated testing format that has increased speed, sensitivity, stability and robustness over existing screening methods including ELISA.

Biophor’s breakthrough will set the world standard in the development and manufacture
of oral fluid drug testing products.

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