Assay Protocol

Unlike ELISA methods, Biophor's assay protocols utilize homogeneous
assay technology (mix and read) that does not require lengthy incubation and
washing steps. After the sample is added, results are ready in less than 10 minutes.

The RapidFRET® assay is run with the RapidFRET automated system, increasing your labs
capacity, speed and efficiency. This platform offers high throughput and complete walk-away
automation from sample and reagent addition to results reading. Regardless of testing volume,
this platform is cost-effective and time-saving. Click on automated instrumentation below
for more details.

RapidFRET® Test System Offers
Simplicity, Flexibility and Speed

RapidFRET® assays require 3 simple steps:


70 tests available in less than
10 minutes after sample is added.

Unlike existing methods where each drug assay is run one at a time, RapidFRET® can perform 7 different drug assays simultaneously. This means 10 different samples with 7 tests per sample can be performed in a single run (70 tests) in less than 10 minutes, resulting in high throughput efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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For Criminal Justice and Forensic Use