Behind The
Breakthrough Technology

The Biophor RapidFRET® Oral Fluid 7-Drug Test System builds its foundation
on an exceptionally bright and stable lanthanide technology. This innovative technology
delivers more than an order of magnitude brighter signal than any other luminescent
lanthanide technology and is near the theoretical maximum in quantum efficiency.

Technology Principal

The RapidFRET® homogeneous assay platform relies on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
between an acceptor fluorophore labeled to an antibody and a donor fluorophore labeled to drug.
When the donor is excited and the acceptor and donor fluorophores are brought into close proximity
by a binding event, energy transfer occurs. A signal that is inversely proportional to the concentration
of drug is generated and measured at the acceptor fluorophore wavelength.

In the presence of a low amount of drug analyte, the FRET signal is near its maximum, as the competitor conjugate binds unimpeded to the drug-specific antibody.
In the presence of high amounts of drug, the FRET signal is low, since the analyte blocks the competitor conjugate that carries the lanthanide donor.

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