Technical Advantages

RapidFRET® utilizes breakthrough lanthanide technology that
sets the new world standard in lab-based oral fluid drug testing. RapidFRET®
improves assay sensitivity and accuracy when compared to existing methods.
Specificity is also improved because the RapidFRET® assays are directed
to ∆ 9-THC and other parent drug compounds.


Results in 10 minutes or less after sample is added

Homogeneous format
Easy to automate

Stable, ready-to-use reagents
No predilution or working reagents needed

No washing or lengthy incubation steps
Faster throughput
Long millisecond fluorescence lifetime
1 million times longer vs. nano-second lifetime for traditional fluorescent technologies
10X brighter signal than traditional lanthanide fluorophores
Increased sensitivity
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For Criminal Justice and Forensic Use